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Build temperature and humidity monitoring system for warehouse based on Globiots




IoT Globiots is a comprehensive solution (hardware and software) to monitor temperature and humidity in warehouse. The solution applies IoT technology based on Internet of Things Globiots platform developed by Daviteq since 2012.


System structure of temperature and humidity monitoring solution for ware house


The solution could apply to monitor following types of warehouse:

Warehouse types to monitor temperature and humidity


Main functions


Automatically collect data of temperature and humidity from remote wireless sensors
Show current statuses, historical trends and reports during selected period or during time cycle on large screen, PC, tablet and smartphone
Immediately notify abnormal alarm and event through web on PC, through application on smartphone and tablet and through user’s email
Automatically control and warn locally following pre-setting algorithm
Send scheduled email of temperature and humidity reports to registered users (daily, weekly, monthly)
Manage account, group and user. Each user is authorized relevant rights and interfaces to monitor temperature and humidity effectively




Highlight features



Anywhere environment monitoring by PC, tablet and smartphone RF technology, long distance range, up to 1000 m Line of Sight
. .
Easy upgrade and expansion  Fast installation and deployment
. .
Convenient data exchange with ERP, CRM… Secure connection with closed communication protocol



Typical benefits


Provide updated, reliable, and continuous data of temperature and humidity
Monitor temperature and humidity anywhere, anytime
Facilitate to identify and handle timely causes of abnormal temperature and humidity
Ensure quality of goods in warehouse, box, and container
Promote company  brand name



Deployment process


Fast system deployment in two steps


Step 1: Connect wireless sensors to iConnector


Connection schematic between wireless sensor and iConnnector


Wireless temperature/humidity sensors are installed in connectivity range of wireless receiver. The wireless sensor operate by battery up to 10 years. The wireless receiver could connect maximum 30 wireless sensors. The receiver is integrated in iConnector or cable connection to iConnector through RS485 port.


Hardware connection from iConnector to on premise server or cloud server is established as follow: insert SIM card into 3G iConnector or plug LAN cable to Ethernet iConnector or set up wifi network for wifi iConnector.


Schematic of connection between  iConnector and IoT Globiots server and connection between IoT Globiots server and visualization device (PC/ tablet/ smartphone)


Step 2: Remotely configure for system, device and parameter through web


Power up for all system and sign in on web browser (Google, Chrome, Firefox…) with provided user and password to configure system, iConnector, parameter, alarm, event, dashboard interface, report, automatic email, automatic SMS, group management, and user management and then synchronize configurations to remote iConnector. After configuration, user could access software to monitor temperature and humidity in warehouse.


Environment reports



Dashboard  for current status, today or yesterday  status of temperature and humidity


♦ Configure different tabs, each tab includes widgets to view real time status, historical trend of today and yesterday temperature and humidity
♦ Update last updated period of viewed data
♦  Show battery and wireless status of wireless sensors
♦  Display min, max, and average value on historical trend during today and yesterday
♦ List out alarm and event today, yesterday or last pre-setting period


Historical trends



Historical trend of temperature during selected period


♦   Show historical trend of parameters during selected period
♦  View value of parameter at specific time by pointing cursor on the graph
♦  Zoom in, zoom out graph to discover more details
♦  Temporarily show/hide trend by clicking on corresponding parameter name at the bottom of the graph
♦  Email graph or export to csv file
♦  Configure different tabs of trend or report


Alarm and event


Alarm/event list


♦  Immediately notify alarm, event when they occur
♦  Notify on web or on application or user mail
♦  Configure event, alarm remotely: high temperature, low temperature, high humidity, low humidity, weak wireless signal, connection loss….
♦  Classify alarm, event based on their priority. Relevant alarm, event will send/notify to corresponding users


Report on Android smartphone, tablet


Report on tablet and smartphone


♦  Show interface similar to dashboard on web with vertical alignment to suitable to screen size of tablet and smartphone
♦  View alarm list and event list


If customer requests customized functions or customized temperature and humidity reports, Daviteq will design them with additional cost


Solution packages





Private Cloud




Wireless temperature, humidity sensor







 iConnector    Sell Sell Sell
 Server + software Provide as yearly service Provide as yearly service Sell


 Number of iConnector  Having few iConnectors  Having few iConnectors  Having more than ten iConnectors
Company scope Small and medium company having no IT department to operate and do maintenance the server and the software  Small and medium company having no IT department to operate and do maintenance the server and the software

Company requirements for private system, own logo and own theme on software

Big company having IT department to operate and do maintenance server and software

Security policy requirement for local environment information only

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