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Monitoring use case for DATA CENTER – SERVER ROOM


Customer Challenges

Expensive servers and network devices are designed to operate with standard temperature and humidity. These devices is easy to damage in contact with water. With a big data center, only temperature and humidity monitoring is insufficient. Missing in monitoring other factors, such as water leakage, result in huge damage for data center. Customer required comprehensive monitoring solution as below:


•  Temperature •  Water leakage •  In/out
•  Humidity •  Fire alarm •  Open/close
•  Power supply •  Cool air flow •  LED light


IoT Globiots Solution

Daviteq’s monitoring system consists of 10 wireless sensors to monitor different factors in a data center. The sensors connects wirelessly to a 3G iConnector gateway and it transmit data to cloud server through 3G cellular network. User use desktop, laptop, smart phone, and tablet to monitor different aspects of data center from anywhere, at any time.

Daviteq’s monitoring solution for data center differentiates from other suppliers as below:


•  Real time 24/7 monitoring •  Available API for 3rd party software
•  Automatic alarm notification via call, SMS, email •  Optimized and flexible investment
•  30-minute installation •  Customized functions and reports
•  “True wireless” system, max 1000m •  IoT/Big Data/AI 4.0 technology
•  Android/iOS monitoring apps •  Easy upgrade and expansion


Solution Results

Leakage incident of toilet water pipeline results in our loss of 800 million VND for hardware damage and other huge loss of 3-day stagnation of business operation in top 3 finance group of Vietnam. With only 30 million VND investment, Daviteq’s data center monitoring system automatically calls manager when data center environment is not cold enough or water leakage is on the floor.


“We do not anticipate that a small water leakage incident leads to all our data center shutdown. In the past, we monitored only server’s temperature. With Daviteq’s monitoring system, we could monitor other factors which might affect server and other device in data center. With this system, we are peace of mind because the system will call me immediately if any abnormal condition of data center have just arisen.”

Nguyen Trung Kien, Chief Information Officer



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