Solution of machine tool monitoring




IoT Globiots is a comprehensive solution (hardware and software) to monitor machine tool. The solution applies IoT technology based on Internet of Things Globiots platform developed by Daviteq since 2012 and based on Daviteq’s 18 years of experience in industrial instrumentation and control. IoT Globiots could monitor operation for different types of machine tool such as milling machine, lathe machine, boring machine, grinding machine, shearing machine… from different suppliers (Farnuc, Haas, Mazak, Okuma…) from anywhere by using PC, tablet or smartphone.


 System structure of IoT Globiots machine tool monitoring solution 


Main functions


Automatically collect machine operation statuses and output, causes of machine downtime, part production start and part production stop
View machine key performance indicators for production management, machine management and operator management as below:
♦ Total machine run time ♦ Number of product ♦ % machine performance
♦ Total machine downtime ♦ Number of defective product ♦ % product quality
♦ Total machine production time ♦ Number of qualified product ♦ % machine availability
♦ Total time of each downtime cause ♦ % target achievement ♦ Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)
♦ Part cycle time ♦ Production progress
Show report of machine status, total time, output, performance, and production progress in real time and during selected period
Immediately notify abnormal alarm and event through web on PC, through application on smartphone and tablet and through user’s email
Automatically control and warn locally following pre-setting algorithm
Send scheduled email of machine operation reports to registered users (daily, weekly, monthly)
Manage account, group and user. Each user is authorized relevant rights and interfaces to monitor machine effectively


Highlight features


Anywhere machine monitoring by PC, tablet and smartphone Unified monitoring for different types of machine
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Easy upgrade and expansion  Fast installation and deployment
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Convenient data exchange with ERP, CRM… Secure connection with closed communication protocol


Typical benefits


Heighten effectiveness of production progress monitoring Enhance machine operator productivity
Continuous real time update of production progress assists production manager to handle behind production progress issue timely  and effectively to achieve daily total production plan Knowing real time % production achievement helps operator to adjust his operation to meet the daily machine  production plan. Productivity comparison among operators facilitates them to improve themselves
Reduce machine downtime Increase product quality
Real time update for causes of machine downtime pushes relevant departments (maintenance, material, human resource..) to handle causes of machine downtime effectively and timely Immediate warning of high number or high percentage of defective product  supports QC department and production department to solve problem of product quality in time
Facilitate to optimize production process Promote factory brand name
Analytic reports about downtime causes assist to find out main downtime causes and in charge departments. From that, relevant adjustments and improvements are designed to optimize production progress Factory having online machine monitoring system would build customer trust because customer’s order would be processed and monitored continuously to meet contracted delivery time


System deployment


Fast system deployment in two steps:


Step 1: Install HMI box and connect to machine  tool


Touch screen HMI box connects to machine tool to collect machine run status, standby status, alarm status, operation mode…In addition, signal of machine output and one of defective product are connected to HMI box. From screen of HMI box, start of part production, stop of part production, and downtime causes are input by machine operator. The HMI box also views current production progress and summary of current downtime as well as summary of recent downtime.

Connection schematic between machine tool and HMI box


Step 2: Connect HMI box to server and remotely configure system 


HMI box connects to server through cellular network, Local Area Network, or wifi network. HMI collects data of machine statuses, causes of machine downtime, start of production and stop of production and then data from HMI is transmitted to server. Moreover, data of daily production plan and product detail in csv files are imported to server. From collected data, software installed in the server will summary, analyze, and view on dashboard, report, alarm list, and event list. The reports are shown on large screen, PC, tablet and smartphone. Some operator-oriented reports are viewed on HMI screen to help operator update his current productivity and production progress of his machine


Connection schematic between HMI and IoT Globiots server


Machine reports


Sample reports of machine tool for mold production


Sample reports of machine tool for part production


If customer requests customized functions or customized machine reports, Daviteq will design them with additional cost


Solution packages



 Private Cloud



 HMI box Sell Sell Sell
 Server + software Provide as yearly service Provide as yearly service Sell


Number of machine Having few machines Having few machines Having more than ten machines
Company scope Small and medium company having no IT department to operate and do maintenance the server and the software Small and medium company having no IT department to operate and do maintenance the server and the software Big company having IT department to operate and do maintenance server and software
Other requirement Company requirements for private system, own logo and own theme on software Security policy requirement for local machine information only


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