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Apply GLOBIOTS to build fuel monitoring and control solution for ferry



IoT Globiots is a comprehensive solution (hardware and software) to monitor fuel, position and control fuel pump on ferry. The solution applies IoT technology based on Internet of Things Globiots platform developed by Daviteq since 2012 and based on Daviteq’s 18 years of experience in industrial instrumentation and control.


 System structure of IoT Globiots fuel monitoring solution for ferry 


Main functions


 Automatically collect fuel level, fuel volume of tank and current GPS position of ferry
View current fuel level, fuel volume in tank, and ferry position. Show report of historical trend for fuel volume, report of fuel consumption, fuel filling and fuel loss/drain for one and multi ferry, and report of ferry departure and arrival during selected period
Immediately notify abnormal alarm and event (fuel loss, high fuel level, low fuel level, connection break….) through web on PC, through application on smartphone and tablet and through user’s email
Automatically control fuel pumps based on current fuel level
 Send daily email of fuel volume trend, fuel consumption reports for tank and ferry to registered users
Manage account, group and user. Each user is authorized relevant rights and interfaces to monitor fuel consumption of ferry effectively



Highlight features


Anywhere ferry fuel monitoring by PC, tablet and smartphone Customized function and report design based on customer request
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Easy upgrade and expansion  Fast installation and deployment
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Convenient data exchange with ERP, CRM… Secure connection with closed communication protocol


Typical benefits


Assist to discover fuel theft Enhance effectiveness of fuel distribution
Immediate notification of fuel loss assists fleet manager to discover and rectify fuel theft issue on ferry timely Real time fuel volume in tank on ferry facilitates to logistic department to arrange fuel transportation to ferry effectively
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Lower labor cost Heighten effectiveness of main engine maintenance
Automatic system for collecting of fuel data, reporting and controlling fuel pump saves significant labor usage in manual fuel data collection, manual making report, and manual on/off control fuel pumps Comparison reports of trip fuel consumption during period, and between real consumption and industry benchmark help to find out the main propulsion engines having abnormal fuel consumption. Thus improving effectiveness of maintenance plan for these engines
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Optimize fleet coordination Improve reliability of fuel reports
Ferry information of current GPS position, time of departure and arrival, and specific trip fuel consumption helps fleet coordinator assign ferry in service effectively Automatic collecting data for fuel and systematic fuel reporting create reliable fuel reports to serve better fleet management and fuel management

Deployment process


Fast system deployment in two steps


Step 1: Install CAP10 fuel level sensors and connect them to 3G iConnector


CAP10 fuel level sensors are installed on fuel tanks of main propulsion engines on ferry. Installation position of the sensor should be at center of the tank to increase level of measurement accuracy in condition of ferry inclination and vibration. 3G iConnector, installed outside of cabin, connects to the sensors through port RS485, communication protocol Modbus RTU. Moreover, 3G iConnector connect to fuel pumps to automatically control them. iConnector collects data of the sensors and transmit them to cloud server through cellular network (GPRS/3G).


Connection schematic for 3G iConnnector to fuel level sensors and to fuel pumps


Step 2: Remotely configure for system, device and parameter through web


Power up for all system and sign in on web browser (Google, Chrome, Firefox…) with provided user and password to configure system, iConnector, parameter, alarm, event, dashboard interface, report, automatic email, automatic SMS, group management, and user management and then synchronize configurations to remote iConnector. After configuration, user could access software to monitor fuel on ferry.


Schematic of connection between  iConnector and IoT Globiots server and connection between IoT Globiots server and visualization devices


Monitoring reports


Map of current GPS position of ferries


Current fuel volume of tank on ferries


Historical trends of fuel volume of tank on ferry during selected period


Detailed fuel report of consumption, filling, and loss/drain for one tank


Fuel report of consumption, filling, and loss/drain for multi-tank


Alarm/event list (fuel theft, high level, low level, power loss…)


If customer requests customized functions or customized machine reports, Daviteq will design them with additional cost


Solution packages




Private Cloud





CAP 10 fuel level sensor Sell Sell Sell
iConnector 3G Sell Sell Sell
Server Provide as yearly service Provide as yearly service Sell
Software Provide as yearly service Provide as yearly service Sell

Relevant customer

Number of ferry  Having few ferries  Having few ferries  Having more than ten ferries
Company scope Small and medium company having no IT department to operate and do maintenance the server and the software Small and medium company having no IT department to operate and do maintenance the server and the software Big company having IT department to operate and do maintenance server and software
Other requirements Company requirements for private system, own logo and own theme on software Security policy requirement for local fuel information only

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