Wireless Lidar People Counter


WS433-LPC is a sensor with built-in advanced Lidar sensor to detect and ranging people. It can count the people walk thru with accuracy higher than 95%. The sensor is not affected by temperature, humidity, RF noise and less affected by ambient light... The wireless portion is Sub-GHz technology from Texas Instruments allows long range transmission at ultra-low power consumption. It will connect 2-way wirelessly to the wireless co-ordinator WS433-CL to send data and receiving the configuration. It can be configured the operation parameters like data sending interval, health check cycle...remotely from Globiots platform or via ModbusRTU software (thru the WS433-CL). Its default data rate is 50 kbps, can be switched to 625 bps to increase the communication range. The sensor can last up to 5 years with type AA battery. Typical Applications: People counter for public toilet, People counter for Store, shop, …

High Accuracy & Stable

  • High accuracy counting by Lidar

Distinguish people in and out

  • Smart software and built-in sensors can distinguish people from entering and leaving accurately

Reliable & Secured Wireless Connection

  • Sub-Ghz technology from Texas Instruments allows reliable wireless connection and secured data by AES-128

Ultra-low power with 5 years battery

  • Ultra-low power sensing technology from Daviteq with Ultra-low power wireless technology from Texas Instruments allow the sensor can last up to 5 years.

Plug & Play

  • Everything is pre-installed so customers don't have to do anything
Sensor technologyLidar
Detection rangemax 4m
Detection cone27 degree
Working temperature-40 .. + 60 oC
Working humidity0 .. 100% RH, non-condensing
Data speedUp to 50kbps
Transmission distance, LOS1000m
AntennaInternal Antenna
FunctionsSending data in interval or when alarms occur
BatteryBattery AA Type 1.5VDC and 7..48VDC (AC adapter not included
Frequency BandISM 433MHz, Sub-GHz technology from Texas Instrument, USA
International ComplianceETSI EN 300 220, EN 303 204 (Europe) FCC CFR47 Part15 (US), ARIB STD-T108 (Japan)
Vietnam Type Approval CertificationQCVN 73:2013/BTTTT, QCVN 96:2015/BTTTT (DAVITEQ B00122019)
Security StandardAES-128
Operating temperature of PCB-40oC..+60oC (with Lithium Ultimate AA battery)
Housing/ProtectionSelf-extinguisher ABS, Dust and vapor protection
MountingCeiling mount
Net weight≺150 grams

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