LoRaWAN Process Pressure Sensor


WSLRW-PPS is the LoRaWAN Integrated Process Pressure Sensor, and it has different kinds of measurements, such as Gage/Absolute/Sealed Gage, range -1 .. + 1000 bar, high accuracy, and stability. With Ultra-low-power design and smart firmware allow the sensor can last up to 10 years with 2 x AA batteries (depends on configuration). The sensor will transmit data in the kilo-meters distance to LoRaWAN gateway, any brand on the market.

LoRaWAN communication

  • LoRaWAN communication standard to allow sensor connect to any LoRaWAN Gateway on the market.

10 year battery

  • Ultra-low power sensing technology from Daviteq with Ultra-low power wireless technology allow the sensor can last up to 10 years with a 2 x AA Type battery.

High Accuracy & Stable

  • Advanced PIEZO technology to deliver high accuracy and stable measurement


  • For both indoor and outdoor applications
SensorAdvanced PIEZO technology
Measurement rangeSelect from -1 .. + 1000 bar Gage/Absolute/Sealed Gage
Over pressure protection1.5 x Span
Accuracy & Stability0.25% or 0.5% of span, < 0.2% span/year
Wetted parts304SS/316SS
Measuring FluidsAny fluid which is workable with materials 304SS/316SS
Working temperature-20 .. + 80 oC
Compensation temperature-10 .. + 50 oC
Process connectionStandard G1/4 or Others (consult factory)
Data rate250bps .. 5470bps
AntennaInternal Antenna 2.67 dbi
Battery02 x AA size 1.5VDC, battery not included
RF Frequency and Power860..930Mhz, +14 .. +20 dBm, configurable for zones: EU868, IN865, RU864, KR920, AS923, AU915, US915
ProtocolLoRaWAN, class A
Data sending modesInterval time and when alarm occurred
RF Module complies toETSI EN 300 220, EN 303 204 (Europe) FCC CFR47 Part15 (US), ARIB STD-T108 (Japan)
Working temperature-40oC..+60oC (with AA L91 Energizer)
Net-weight250 grams
HousingPolycarbonate & POM plastic, IP68
WSLRW-PPS-G10-02LoRaWAN Process Pressure Sensor, 0-10 barg, 304SS/316L, G1/4"
WSLRW-PPS-G20-02LoRaWAN Process Pressure Sensor, 0-20 barg, 304SS/316L, G1/4"
WSLRW-PPS-G40-03LoRaWAN Process Pressure Sensor, 0-40 barg, 304SS/316L, 1/4" NPT
WSLRW-PPS-G70-03LoRaWAN Process Pressure Sensor, 0-70 barg, 304SS/316L, 1/4" NPT
WSLRW-PPS-G100-04LoRaWAN Process Pressure Sensor, 0-100 barg, 304SS/316L, 1/2" NPT
WSLRW-PPS-G250-04LoRaWAN Process Pressure Sensor, 0-250 barg, 304SS/316L, 1/2" NPT
WSLRW-PPS-G400-04LoRaWAN Process Pressure Sensor, 0-400 barg, 304SS/316L, 1/2" NPT
WSLRW-PPS-G700-04LoRaWAN Process Pressure Sensor, 0-700 barg, 304SS/316L, 1/2" NPT
WSLRW-PPS-G1000-04LoRaWAN Process Pressure Sensor, 0-1000 barg, 304SS/316L, 1/2" NPT

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