Daviteq provides a comprehensive hardware solution from sensor to co-cordinator with various Sub-Ghz wireless sensors. In comparison with other suppliers, Daviteq’s differentiations are completeness on products as well as easy integration in hardware and software. Therefore, Tinasoft could concentrates in developing IoT software and control module for IoT solution of greenhouse.
Nguyen Quoc Uy - CTO

Customer challenges

Tinasoft specializes in software outsource, IoT solution development, and human resource training. In process of building IoT solution to monitor and control for greenhouse in agriculture application, Tinasoft copes with following challenges in seeking qualified hardware suppliers:

  1. Having different type of sensors
  2. Ultra-low power consumption, battery-operated sensors
  3. Long wireless transmission range, up to some hundreds of meters
  4. All in one supplier (sensors, actuator, co-ordinator)
  5. As a producer, having specialized knowledge in sensor output communication for easy integration

Sub-Ghz wireless set for IoT solution of greenhouse

For IoT solution to monitor and control greenhouse, Daviteq supplies all hardware of Sub-GHz wireless sensors using Sub-GHz technology developed by Texas Instruments, including:

  1. Soil moisture sensor
  2. Relay actuator
  3. Light sensor
  4. Humidity sensor
  5. Wireless co-ordinator

Wireless sensors, powered by AA battery, measures parameter of soil moisture, ambient light, humidity, and temperature and transmits data wirelessly to a wireless co-ordinator using Sub-Ghz technology. With this technology, sensors consume ultra-low power as well as transmit long range up to a kilometer. The co-ordinator is wired to control device and gateway to push data to IoT platform. Based on value of sensors, control device outputs control signal back to wireless relay for open/close or pump control. User monitors and controls greenhouse on PC, tablet and smartphone from anywhere, anytime.The IoT solution could apply to monitor and control different types of house in agriculture application such as glass greenhouse, plastic greenhouse, polyhouse, net house, shade house, membrane house.


Solution Results

Easy integration

International communication standard and producer’s specialized knowledge of sensor output result in easy integration with customer system.

Quick installation

Compact and “true wireless” sensors make installation fast without running any power cables and signal cables.

After-sales cost saving

Remote configuration, update, test, repair, and troubleshoot lead to saving of service time and cost.

Comprehensive Sub-Ghz wireless device ecosystem

Full range of wireless devices (sensor, actuator, transmitter, receiver) are available to monitor different parameters.

System Components

  1. Wireless soil moisture sensor, Daviteq
  2. Wireless relay, Daviteq
  3. Wireless ambient light sensor, Daviteq
  4. Wireless ambient humidity sensor, Daviteq
  5. Wireless co-ordinator, Daviteq
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