IoT Globiots energy management solution helps us to find out electrical energy waste especially at night time and to design relevant methods to save 5% electrical energy without further investment
Nguyen Tri Dung - Factory technical manager

Customer challenges

Esquel Hoa Binh, a factory of Esquel Group, specializes in clothe manufacturing for famous brands, such as Nike,Tommy Hilfiger, Hugo Boss,Brooks Brother, Acbercrombie & Fitch. The factory copes with following challenges in energy management:

  1. Collected electrical data is NOT updated, missing, and low reliable.
  2. Energy manager has doubts about electrical energy waste especially at night time and non-working time.
  3. Labor is wasted to collect daily electrical energy data and to make daily Excel report manually.
  4. Factory customers do NOT know whether factory uses electrical energy effectively.

EMS IoT Globiots Solutions

Daviteq provides energy management system for whole factory to monitor 20 power meters (model Selec EM368) which have been available since Oct, 2016. The system transmits the data of power meter to Daviteq’s IoT Globiots cloud platform to monitor through laptop, desktop and tablet.


A 3G iConnector gateway connects all 20 Selec’s power meters through port RS485, Modbus RTU protocol. The iConnector collects data of power meters and transmits them to IoT Globiots cloud server through GPRS/3G cellular network . Data is stored and analyzed in the cloud server. Vizuo, a web application software, views dashboard, event, alarm and energy reports to help effectively manage factory’s electric energy. Energy reports, event and alarm notifications are also sent to registered emails.

System deployment is implemented by two simple steps. Firstly, customer replaces a RS485/RS232 converter by 3G iConnector and the iConnector is connected to power meters in form of bridge wiring by 2-core twisted shielded cable. Secondly, system, paremeters, alarm, event, software interface and user are configured remotely through web interface. After configuration, users could log in the Vizuo application software using web browser (Goggle Chrome, Firefox…) with provided user name and password to manage electrical energy.

Solution Results

Save 5% electrical energy

The solution assists factory in identifying energy waste especially at night time and non-working time as operators forget to turn off light, production machines and other equipment

Cut labor 40 hour/month

The automatic monitoring system completely replaces human in daily energy data collection and in making daily, weekly and monthly energy reports

Increase machine lifetime

Timely identifying and  handling problems of energy quality and those of abnormal machine’s low load help increase machine lifetime and reduce fire risks

Promote company brand name

The system complies to factory customer’s energy management requirement in term of energy data transparency and promotes the factory as model of energy management

System Components

  1. Power meter, model EM368 output RS485 Modbus RTU, Selec 3G iConnector IoT Gateway, Daviteq
  2. 3G iConnector IoT Gateway, Daviteq
  3. Annual cloud EMS IoT Globiots service (server rental, software rental, operation and maintenance for server and software, SIM data), Daviteq
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