Ho Chi Minh City, April 14, 2021, with the mission of continuously creating useful products for customers Today, Daviteq Technologies Inc would like to announce to our customers and partners a new product “ WIRELESS PIEZO-ELECTRIC 10KHZ VIBRATION SENSOR – WS433-V1A”

WIRELESS PIEZO-ELECTRIC 10KHZ VIBRATION SENSOR – WS433-V1A has the following advantages:

  • High Performance Piezo-electric sensor (Hermetically Sealed, Piezo-Ceramic Crystal, Shear Mode accelerometer sensor is designed and qualified for machine health monitoring and has superior Resolution, Dynamic Range and Bandwidth to MEMS sensors)
  • 10 Khz Bandwith
  • Pre-calibrated (Sensors are pre-calibrated at factory to deliver high accuracy and quick installation)
  • Reliable & Secured Wireless Connection (Sub-Ghz technology from Texas Instruments allows reliable wireless vibration sensor connection and secured data by AES-128)
  • 5-Year Battery Operated (Easy to configure the time intervals of Data logging, Data sending and with Event processor allows the battery life up to 5 years!)

The product is used in the following typical applications:

  • Vibration Monitoring for Motor;
  • Vibration Monitoring for Bearing;
  • Vibration Monitoring for Fan, Pump, Grinder…




Product Information

Sincerely thank you and look forward to continuing to receive the support of our customers.

Daviteq Technologies Inc

Product Management Department.