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Daviteq attracts visitors at Saigon Autotech 2014
2015-05-26 16:11:01

At this exhibition, Daviteq introduced the Smart Fuel Level Sensor PulseCAP10 to Customers. With central location and displayed

with many useful technological products for production and life, our booth has attracted hundreds of visitors’ attention.

      Thanks to using advanced measurement technology, digital signal processing for precise output and a easy connect to all the blackboxes on the markets, PulseCAP10 have satisfied the expectations of the Customers to this exhibition. PulseCAP10 is widely used for managing fuel consumption in vehicles, machines or other devices with fuel consumption. It also allows users to manage the fuel leakage during operation timely and effectively with acceptable initial investment cost.

        By its very first time appearance at Autotech, PulseCAP10 developed by Daviteq has received kind attention from local and foreign Customers and Partners

        With kind consultancy from Daviteq’s technical experts, Customers have better understanded the features and applications of the product in order to use it effectively depended on their management requirements. Moreover, by face-to-face interaction with Customers at the exhibition, Daviteq have come up with many new ideas to optimize product’s features and methods to protect product from destruction by natures or human.

        Daviteq has fully been rewarded for the difficulties since the ideas to create high-tech and Vietnamese-branded product was conceived until the product was officially launched to the markets and then received trust from Customers and Partners.

Other images from Autotech 2014: 

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