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Daviteq Training Courses
2014-04-01 10:05:34

       As a result of ceaseless development of science and technology, the business environment nowadays becomes

more and more dynamic with highly strict selectivity. That is why we always have Daviteq innovation and continuous

improvement in enhancing product and service quality, raising up responsibility in each individuals of the whole corporation.

Training courses taking place under CEO and Senior Managers inspection.

          Enhancing professional qualifications and soft skills in handling the job are constantly put on Daviteq’s first priority. All of the workforce training programmes are thoroughly approved and inspected by the Board of Directors and Supervisors. Trainees have a chance to interact face to face with experienced staff, senior managers as well as CEO. That is where the soft skills in handling the job, experiences in business conduct and a large number of valuable lessons are shared altogether. Due to the budget we have raised and built up for years, our staff and experts have been sent to technical courses at prestige national training centers, or participatedInternational seminars with foreign partners in Vietnam, these educational activities allow us to frequently update new knowledge and enlarge our business vision.


Teamwork and presentation during course

         Through the surveys conducted after each courses of training, we found that those members attending the training were reallyinterested in the programme and appreciated the oppoturnity to learn and exchange valuable experience, support each other to improve working skills and technique knowledge.

         Human resourse development strategy is extremely exalted in our association, we strongly believe that all the advanced valueinitiates from human mind, once we have loyally professional workforce, to get what we want is just the time-matter.

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