Van bi điều khiển Komoto

Series 41 là dòng van bi của Komoto

Ứng dụng: Hơi bảo hòa, hơi quá nhiệt, nước, hóa chất, thực phẩm và hóa dầu.


Đặc điểm :

  • Chất lượng cao, điều khiển ổn định
  • Góc điều khiển 60°, 90°

Design Flexibility :

  • Stem Seal and Bearing: All ball valves incorporate a PTFE bearing to absorb any radial loading on the valve stem. A PTFE thrust bearing is also provided to reduce friction due to axial loading. packing utilizes multiple "V" shaped PTFE rings ; tightening the gland nut spreads each ring and creates a multiple seal between the stem and body. the simple gland adjustment also allows compensation for operational wear. in addition, fluid pressure below the stem packing spreads the rings and improves the seal by increasing the stress on the rings-prohibiting leakage and minimizing maintenance.
  • Ball: One of the most important components in any ball valve is the ball itself. yhe sphericity and surface finish of the ball are directly related to the life of the valve, its pressure holding capability and the operating torque. For these reasons, KOMOTO designed special production equipment to produce balls that have a sphericity of ±0008" and a 4RMS surface finish.

Fire-Safe API-607: One of the many requirements of today's industries is that ball valves must have a metal to metal seal in case the nonmetallic seal is destroyed by fire or other means. It provides assurance to the user handling flammable or hazardous fluids that should the non-metallic seal be destroyed, the ball valve will stop the flow of material until a new seal is installed.

  Model   Series 41
Loại van
   2-cửa, 3-cửa
  1/2"(15A) to 12" (300A)
Cấp áp lực
  ANSI 150# to 600#, JIS 10K to 40K, PN10 to 40
Kiểu kết nối
   RF, FF, SW, BW, Screww, RTJ, and so on
Vât liệu thân
A216WCB, A351CF8, A351CF8M, A351CF3, A351CF3M, and so on
Vật liệu Trim
  A351CF8, A351CF8M, A351CF3, A351CF3M, H-C, H-B, and so on
   Loại điều khiển

Spring Return Cylinder, Double Acting Cylinder, Electric Actuator

Điều khiển khí nén 1 chiều, 2 chiều

Điều khiển bằng điện 24VDC,220VAC

Komoto Ball Valve                                 PDF                                   718KB                              Review/Download: Komoto Ball Valve

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