PulseCAP20 Level Switch

LEEC Compact Level Switch PulseCAP20 

Extremely compact, the switch is deal for restricted or limited space, low cost. 

This compact level switch is viable for most industrial situations, whether they are food, beverage, pharmacy, animal or chemical industry.


.LEES Level Switch PulseCAP20

Capacitive level switch is cleverly for any applications in Hygienic & Industry.

The level switch utilizes the advanced capacitive measuring technology to achieve precise switching for any kind of media, even with foam.

Wetted parts are made from Stainless Steel 316L/304L and PEEK

Can be used for both Conductive and Non-conductive media (Dielectric constant > 1.5)
03 versions: Hygienic, Industry and Extreme Corrosive Can be used for Metal tank or Plastic tank
Hygienic version conform to 3A, EHEDG standards Process temperature -400C … +2000C
Can be used for Liquid, Solid and Paste Not influenced by foam, coating
Easy calibration for any applications LED indicator for Power and Signal


Level Instruments Selection Guild                  PDF                 442 Kb                     Preview/ Download

Level Switch Datasheet                                     PDF                1.81 Mb                    Preview/ Download



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