Compaflow is an universal compact orifice flow meter. It combines a compact orifice flow sensor and sotiphicated converter.


Compact Orifice Flowmeter is designed for closed loop control and general purpose monitoring applications. This design lowers the total installed cost of DP Flow measurement points eliminating the need for fittings, impulse tubing, valves, adapters and manifolds by providing a single device packaged together for simplified installation. By integrating Yokogagwa or Autrol pressure transmitters with the  Compact Orifice primary element, we deliver the highest performing Flowmeters which arrive assembled, calibrated, pressure tested, and ready to install. System combines advanced flow computer MS 128 allow control and calculate value messured simple and easy.





Fluid to be measured

Saturated/ Superheated steam.



BTU meter


4 – 20mA, Pulse, Relays, Optional RS 485/Modbus


+/- 1 ÷ 2%

Pressure limitations

100 Bar (1450 psi)

Temperature limitations  Max 500degC

Compatible DP Sensor

Rosemount, ABB, Foxboro, E&H, Siemens, Autrol…

Power supply


Line size

1”(DN25), 1 ¼” (DN32), 1 ½” (DN40), 2”(DN50), 2 ½” (DN65), 3”( DN80), 4”( DN100), 5”( DN125), 6”( DN150), 8”( DN200), 10”( DN250), 12”( DN300), 14”( DN350),


Orifice assembly, stem and manifold: 304 stainless steel, optional 316/316L SS


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