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FlowMeter for Seawater pump station

 GF Piping Systems has announced success of the company's Signet Insertion Magmeter in an installation that accurately measures seawater to cool steel for a manufacturing plant in Holland. The project entailed assistance from Van Heck BV, an international market leader in the field of water management and movement based in the Netherlands.

Energy Savings in Heavy Industry Facilities


A large heavy-industries corporation in Asia supports economic development worldwide by providing basic industrial materials and by building the facilities needed for industrial growth. The company’s portfolio of products includes castings and forgings, nuclear and thermal power plants, water desalination plants, material handling systems, and more. Products and components are manufactured in multiple sub-factories, and a large quantity of electricity, gas, and water is consumed by each facility in the process. The amount of energy used varies in each sub-factory based on the manufacturing requirements of the products produced.